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August 13, 2010

Champagne and Puffed Rice

Hello and welcome. 

I’m not entirely sure what I hope to gain from this blog, but recently I’ve developed an urge to express myself to the world at large (instead of those poor unfortunate souls who are unlucky enough to be friend or family).  During some soul-searching in recent months, I’ve discovered I really heart me a good book and my ultimate wish is to express intelligently one of the many stories bonking around in my chaotic brain.  Lately I’ve put pen to paper on a pretty daily basis and it has become more and more evident to me that I really should nut-up-or-shut-up and maybe try and do something worthwhile, like, say, actually finish one of the stories and bulk up my courage and see if I’m good enough to make it in the literary world. 

Consequently I feel others would enjoy a glimpse inside my brain.  I find it particularly amusing and why should my family and friends be the only ones to enjoy this much AWESOMENESS?  Thus I say:

 Hi internet, I’m Ali and I’m AWESOME

Enjoy.  🙂

Or laugh.  It’s your call.