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September 30, 2010

Seven different shades of AWESOME

Oh boy, Internet, do I have news! 

Pretty much the most exciting thing um, EVER, has happened!

Thirty Seconds to Mars (This band I sorta like.  I may have mentioned them a time or two…) is holding an open casting call for their next video, “Hurricane” (Tray—Hurricane.  Definitely.) for fans in the New York City area….which I am! 

I think the exact sequence of events went something like this:


(shouted while running from the office to the living room and back again…I believe there was also some jumping involved, it’s hard to be sure, it was a crazy time)


(shouted while hopping from one foot to the other)


(shouted while running out of the house as all the neighbors turned to see the commotion…again I believe some jumping was involved)

It continued on like this for a while (the rest of the night).  There was more shouting, flailing gestures and too much excitement for this poor girl to contain.  But then a thought occurred to me.  When I’m chosen, well there’s the small issue of the fact that I would have to be on camera and filmed.  With Jared fucking Leto.  And that’s when the panic set in.

Which is kind of about right, if we go on past experience.  In the past, I’ve been camera shy…figuratively and literally.  And you know what?  I’m tired of it.  In the past, I’ve only let my AWESOME shine once I’ve gotten to know you inside and out.  No longer, Internet, no longer!  Time to let my AWESOME shine from the get go.

I mentioned in a previous post my hang-ups regarding writing.  And that one of the reasons for this blog is to help me work through those.  And you know what?  It has.  I had a tendency to worry too much what people might say about what goes on in my head (there’s some wacked-out shit in there, let me tell you…), so more times than not I kept my mouth shut unless we were besties. 

But recently I’ve discovered that I’m AWESOME.  Truly AWESOME.  Everyone should feel this way, in my opinion.  I LOVE being happy, always have.  And I think it’s time I just let it all out.  I want to live my life, my way:  wacked out, crazy, happy, joyful, insane.  And I’m tired of caring of what others think of it. 

So you know what I did?  I pulled up my email and I sent Jared, Shannon and Tomo a message with my info and expressed my extreme desire to show my love and support for their band by being in their video.  And I sent them pics of myself being me and I’m letting the cards fall where they may.  And when I’m chosen, I’m actually really psyched to be on camera.  With Jared fucking Leto. 

Whether or not my mouth obeys my brain and doesn’t issue forth a string of nonsensical babbling.

So, Internet and friends, today’s tasks in handy list format:

1.  Go forth and be AWESOME.

Just do it.  Don’t worry about what others think.  I’ll be right there with you being my own seven different shades of AWESOME.

2.  Fall in love with an AWESOME band

Might I suggest Thirty Seconds to Mars? 

3.  Develop a serious crush on an up and coming AWESOME band

Here’s one:  Again and Again

4.  Tell Danny Gokey he’s wonderful, or AWESOME.  Either one will do.

I really don’t think he’s told that often enough.

5.  Continue being AWESOME.

 Also, if you’d like to try out for the “Hurricane” video, click here:  Thirty Seconds to Mars Open Casting Call for Hurricane Video.

September 30, 2010

To the leader, the pariah, the victim, the messiah…

Today, Internet and friends, I was witness to an epic BATTLE ROYALE betwixt two awesome bands.  Both fought admirably, each proving time and again exactly why *they* should be the Victor.  Below, I have conveniently provided a first-hand, eye-witness account of the battle field.


Thirty Seconds to Mars VS. Again & Again

“The Battle for domination of Ali’s iPod.”

Our opponents:

Thirty Seconds to Mars Helmed by lead singer and guitarist (and future BFF of Ali) Jared Leto with Shannon Leto on drums, and guitarist Tomo Milicevic . 

Pros:  Helmed by Jared Leto.  Highly successful international band with a HUGE fan base that spans continents.  Cool glyphs representing the band name and their fans, the Echelon.  Helmed by Jared Leto.

Cons:  They have yet to retweet me.

Again & Again Comprised of Dutch IV – guitar, Geoffrey – lead singer, XWesX – drums, and Derek –  guitar.  (Thanks for the help guys!)

Pros:  They hail from the Pacific Northwest which is well-known for its kickin’ music scene.  Their fan base continues to just grow and grow and GROW.  Cool bear graphic on their latest album, Get More Gritty.  Cool horse graphic on their EP.  Also?  They retweet me.

Cons:  Less extensive album repertoire.  I expect this will be remedied shortly due to their being AWESOME.

The Mediators:  U2, Brandon Flowers, Ke$ha

The playing field:  My iPod, duh.

The prize:  My undying devotion?  A pack of bubblegum?  Continued cyberstalking by moi?  Only the victor will know for sure.



Prior to the bell to signal Round One, A&A launch out of the gate with “Get More Gritty” letting 30STM know they’re more than ready for this bloodbath.


(Mediator U2)

Responding to A&A’s preemptive battle cry, 30STM responds with an epic offensive smackdown.  Immediately, we know they’re the Kings & Queens of promise, maybe even children of a lesser god.  No matter the odds (a thousand to one and a million to two) they’re ready for any revolution with an attack from yesterday.  (I had to deduct a point for cheating, though.  They admit on his face is a map of the world.) 

 “Kings & Queens” 30STM

“Kings & Queens” 30STM  (operator error allowed for a duplicate listing of this one, oops…)

“Closer to the Edge” 30STM

“R-Evolve” 30STM

“Attack” 30STM

“From Yesterday” 30STM

Round One Victor:  30STM


(Mediator:  Brandon Flowers)

It quickly becomes clear in Round Two that there is some debate as to exactly why A&A and 30STM are dueling.  A&A, seemingly wooed by 30STM’s imposing battle prowess, appears to be under the impression they’re trying to court 30STM.  Jared gives a brief rundown of 30STM’s attack plan and their desire to steal millions of little pieces of A&A.  A&A insists it’s okay, they don’t need protection, they’re no damsels in distress.  Jared reminds them again they’re in the midst of WAR here folks.  A&A misinterprets again and thinks 30STM wishes for them to be their knights in shining armor.  Unexpectedly, 30STM seems to dig this but warns them they have violent nighttime tendencies.  A&A thinks these tendencies will only occur if they’re not around and verily 30STM really should give in. They both know what they want, after all.

“Believe and Breathe” – A&A

“Search & Destroy” – 30STM

“More Ripley, Less Darrow” – A&A

“This is War” – 30STM

“Wish I could Be” – A&A

“Night of the Hunter” – 30STM

“Without me Around” – A&A

“Give in to this” – A&A

 Round Two Victor:  A&A


(Mediator:  Ke$ha)

Our mediator for Round 3, Ke$ha decides to champion for A&A.  She tries to persuade 30STM to return to their animalistic roots.  Tonight may be their last chance, after all.  30STM considers this for a moment, but ultimately feel A&A are spouting nothing more than beautiful lies.  A&A handles the rejection well; somehow convincing themselves they rejected 30STM.  Jared takes this moment to remind everyone, again, this is WAR.  A&A, inconceivably, thinks now would be a great time to bring up something that’s bugging them.  Jared does not agree and goes in for the kill.  Don’t worry; he’s got an airtight alibi. But just when he starts thinking he’s won the war, A&A perks up and mentions their penchant for popping up and terrorizing other people’s dreams once they’ve passed on.  Jar and the boys do not like this (THEY own the night, dammit) and call upon their ace in the hole, the Echelon, to help put an end to the battle.  But it’s all good, A&A is ready to put down their arms and end this cold war, anyway.

“A Beautiful Lie” – 30STM

“Buck up Fella” – A&A

“This is War” – 30STM

“Excuse this Honesty” – A&A

“The Kill” – 30STM

“Alibi” – 30STM

“I’m Sorta Freddy Kreuger” – A&A

“Vox Populi” – 30STM

“Love like Cold War” – A&A

Round Three Victor:  Draw


So, now, the question we’ve all been anxiously awaiting. 

Who is the victor?

After somewhat careful consideration, and little to no review of battle strategies, I have concluded the victor to be:


That Freddy Kreuger shit?  That’s impressive right there (even if it is vaguely reminiscent of zombies).  Also, their persistence in pursuing 30STM and willingness to still remain friends after battle pushed them past their fellow rock brethren. 

 Congrats guys!   A pack of bubblegum to you!  Woo!

September 29, 2010

This is a call to arms…gather soldiers….time to go to WAR.

Today’s playlist.  In no particular order.  Shuffle it.  Rearrange it.  Whatever your poison, just freaking  PLAY. IT.

30STM vs. Again and Again

(and yet somehow, the victor is Me! Oo, I like this War! ♥)

  1. Closer to the Edge – Thirty Seconds to Mars (hereon referred to as 30STM)
  2. Excuse this Honesty – Again and Again (hereon referred to as A&A)
  3. Get more Gritty – A&A
  4. Search and Destroy – 30STM
  5. Crossfire – Brandon Flowers
  6. This is War – 30STM
  7. Wish I Could Be – A&A
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2 (who doesn’t heart an Irish rockband every now and again?)
  9. Vox Populi – 30STM
  10. Club can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida (No, no, no, no!)
  11. Animals – Neon Trees
  12. Kings & Queens – 30STM
  13. Buck up Fella – A&A
  14. From Yesterday – 30STM
  15. Excuse This Honesty – A&A
  16. The Kill – 30STM
  17. Love Like Cold War – A&A
  18. Attack – 30STM
  19. Hurricane – 30STM
  20. More Ripley, Less Darrow – A&A
  21. Animal – Ke$ha (whatever, I like this song)
  22. R-Evolve – 30STM
  23. Without me Around – A&A
  24. Hunter – 30STM
  25. Alibi – 30STM
  26. Give In to This – A&A
  27. Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap
  28. Believe and Breathe – A&A
  29. I’m Sorta Freddy Krueger – A&A
  30. Night of the Hunter – 30STM
  31. A Beautiful Lie – 30STM
September 29, 2010

Club can’t even handle me right now…

 A recent study of the entire world’s population has revealed that I, Ali (M5), am, indeed:

Wait for it….




You heard it here first, folks. 

P.S.  You know who else is awesome?  Thirty Seconds to Mars.  Go buy “This is War”, lazy bums.  Closer to the Edge is my ANTHEM.

(ed. note) Did you remember to tell Danny Gokey he’s wonderful today?  Because I did.  And so did @upsnodowns. 

September 28, 2010

Better than deep fried oreos

Suffering from a bit of writer’s block.

Which is a crapload of lies, because that’s not the case at all.  I know what I want to write about, but I’m currently embroiled in a tumultuous affair with Twitter and find I cannot write the damn story bonking around my noggin because I’m too damned concerned with what witty comment will be THE ONE that will garner a retweet from Jared Leto (Here’s his twitter. @JaredLeto.  Follow him.  Also follow Shannon (@ShannonLeto) and Tomo (@Tomofromearth) because we heart them as much as we heart Jar.  Yeah, we’re at the nickname stage of our relationship.  Please reference the whole “I am Awesome so naturally Jared Leto will want to be BFF’s with me” spiel in the post entitled “Jared Leto + Ali = BFF’s foreverish.”)

I’m going to break down the inside of my brain a little bit here so you can fully grasp this um, craze.  It’s like I’m twelve years old again and the newest issue of Teen Beat just hit the stands and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is on the cover and OHMYGODHE’SWEARINGOVERALLSWITHNOSHIRT!!!!!!!!! (Please don’t judge me.) So it’s kind of like that. 

Then M1 tells me, “Follow this kickin’ band from Washington:  Again and Again. They’re the shit.”  And you know what?  They ARE the shit.  I’m totally digging them (@AgainandagainWA.  They’re headed to New Hampshire on November 14th.  Come with us and see them.  Team Gritty, holla!).  To further complicate matters, M6 and I went to the Big E yesterday and one Mr. Danny Gokey reminded me of why I still feel he should have won American Idol Season 8 (And M6 and I got to meet him afterward!  He’s just lovely.  I feel I must apologize for the cyberstalking that immediately followed the concert.)

So here’s my dilemma.  I’ve previously mentioned my sincere love fest for the written word.  Well now, I’m really crushing on MUSIC.  So now it’s full out WAR in my brain.  I want to write, but what if Jar’s on twitter right now and I mention how he’s even more amazing than deep-fried oreos (He won this battle by a narrow margin.  I honestly don’t know how I lived before deep-fried oreos.) and he’s like, “No one has ever spoken such truth about me before, I simply MUST retweet such a witty, insightful comment.  This girl?  She’s AWESOME.” 

Internet, what if I missed that?!

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with what to write for a while now.  Today I thought I had it.  You know, the STORY.  So I came home, sat down at my computer, opened up Word, placed my hands on the keyboard and Alt+Tab’d my way right on over to Twitter.  Ok, I admit it.  My name’s Ali and I’m a Thirtysecondstomarsaholic.  And I don’t want treatment, thanksverymuch.  But I really DO want to write.  And I think my problem is all the stories I’m trying to write?  They all revolve around serious topics.  Which is fine and dandy and I thoroughly enjoy and have enjoyed a good number of novels on very serious subjects.  But let’s face it. 

It ain’t me. 

I want it to be and I’m fairly certain I’d be quite impressive at it.  But it’s a struggle and I find that I come to this here blog to unhinge the dam on the storytelling and I find I enjoy this type of writing more than any other.  Probably because it’s about me.  I’m quite positive everyone in the world should and wants to love me and it is a privilege beyond all privileges to be my BFF (Jared, you need not apply.  The job is hands down yours.).  And because I thoroughly and highly enjoy my own clever banter, I therefore assume everyone else does as well and would very much LOVE to read an entire novel of my thoughts and opinions (what’s the soundtrack you ask?  30 Seconds to Mars.  Duh.) about the world at large. 

(ed. Note:  I literally just had to turn off iTunes because I was too distracted singing along to Vox Populi to try and finish this unending babble.)

I guess what I’m saying is be prepared to see “Ali = Awesome” on your local bookshelves in the next twelve to twenty-four months. 

I’d totally read it.

Now, to tide you over until then, please go ahead and do the following:

1.       Spread the word on Thirty Seconds to Mars. 

In all honesty, they are AMAZING.  Pure and Simple.  I mean, I’d rather not share, only-child syndrome and whatnot, but I LOVE them and everyone and their mama should know who they are. 

But Jared’s mine.  Get your own BFF.

2.       Check out Again and Again.

Just jammin’ tunes.  Plus, they retweet their fans and that’s a really exciting experience, let me tell you.

 3.       Tell Danny Gokey (@DannyGokey) that he’s wonderful.

As often as possible.  Because he is and I don’t think he’s told that nearly enough.