Jared Leto + Ali = BFF’s forever-ish.

I like doing things the hard way.  Not particularly sure why, because I’m pretty sure the easy way is much easier and probably more fun, but it’s how I’m hard-wired.  Because of this strange self-punishing desire to go about things in the most difficult manner imaginable, I spent a good majority of my early twenties miserable and living a life I hated.  Then I spent my mid-twenties correcting the error of my ways and working toward a future that I actually wanted (but still kinda hating a good portion of my life).  Now, in my late twenties, I’d like to think I’m halfway there….ish. 

Here’s my dilemma.  It took me about 28 years to figure out what I wanted from life.  And since I’m a planner by nature (no, seriously, zombies are no joke, planning is essential for an invasion) not knowing where I was headed really freaking bothered me.  I felt for a long while that I was working with no goal in sight and it all seemed really rather pointless, which essentially made me pretty damn miserable.  I’m super aware of the passage of time and how much time one tiny human actually exists in the whole scheme of things (the average human life span is soooooooo ridiculously short, it’s worse than pathetic) so I consistently felt restless and anxious and generally at odds with the world. 

And mostly, it’s because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  But now I know what I want.  Trouble is, I have no idea how to get there.  Sigh.  Well, now I’m a liar, Internet, because I have some idea how to get there.  But it’s more in a general sense than a well laid out plan. 

It turns out I love writing.  I mean really, really, hard core LOVE it.  Which surprised the heck out of me, I’ll tell you.  Growing up I thought I hated it.  It just so happens that I don’t hate writing.  I simply hate writing papers/essays/test answers about shit I don’t care about. 

Go figure.

So now I’ve got this major hard-on for the written word, which I’m sure surprises no one else, but was regardless, news to me.  But what to write?  How to get from point A to point B?

(Point A is the here-and-now.  Point B is where I’m rich and famous and friends with Jared Leto because I didn’t really know how much I love 30 Seconds to Mars until I saw them in concert last night.  Turns out?  I mega heart them.  And my sistah’s M1 & M6 mega heart him and when he and I are BFF’s I can MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.)

(Because who wouldn’t want to be BFF’s with this much AWESOME????.  Duh.)

Sooooooooooooo…..there you have it.  I love writing.  And it only took me 28 years to come to this realization (go me!).  And now I’m stopped dead in my tracks, because while I know what I want from writing, I’m really vague on the whole how-to-get-it aspect of it. 

I’ll figure it out, I’m sure (Probably in the hardest way imaginable, because really?  Why mess with a perfectly good M.O.?).  Comments are welcome

In the meantime, please enjoy my inane drivel and feel free to remind me that I am still young (though my body whole-heartedly disagrees) and to kindly, please, stop my petulant whining over the fact that I am not yet, at this moment, BFF’s with Jared Leto.


5 Comments to “Jared Leto + Ali = BFF’s forever-ish.”

  1. Ummmm, allo?? M1 is not your only sis who hearts Jared Leto. Had it not been for said other sis you would not have seen 30STM last night and thus would not have discovered how much you heart him.

    • Oh, my bad!! You are so correct. I was speaking in terms of her wanting him as her baby daddy. But I realize, I did not mention that and yes, we all mega heart him and 30STM. I will fix. Hold please!

      • Mahalo Paul Rudd, mahalo.

      • Umm well with all that rambling u just did. My advice is find point a and get to point z just remember I heart jared leto and thanks to him and one of his concerts I burned 2100 calories Yee ha. !!!! go 30 stm…….. and once J.L. figures our kids will so be the cutest ….. sigh… I will share 3 kit kats with u n M6

      • All I get is 3 measly kit kats? I thought we were sistahs? I think that warrants me at least four.

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