Love letter to 30 Seconds to Mars, M5-style

Today, Internet, our story starts out with a boy and his guitar. 

Well, really, our story starts on the ninth of October, the year nineteen hundred eighty-one upon the birth of an unusually chubby and excessively happy future New York Giants fan but we have to fast-forward a decade or so because other than the birth of said chubby baby girl, nothing pertaining to the story actually happens.

And really, we can fast forward another decade and a half to the ninth of September, the year two thousand and ten because aside from a brief crush on one Mr. Jordan Catalano in the year nineteen hundred ninety-four, again, nothing much pertaining to the story actually occurs. 

So on this brisk early September eve, my sis’s M1 & M6 and I made our way into downtown Hartford to watch a band by the name of 30 Seconds to Mars.  Perhaps you’ve heard of them?  If not, go to iTunes now, download all three of their albums and hey, the AOL live sessions while you’re at it.  NOW.  Then come back and continue reading.

I don’t mind waiting. 

(Technically our story really goes back to a sunny day in August at the beach when M6 informed M1 and myself that she was going to said concert and M1 and I were all, OHMYGODUHAVE TOBUYTICKETSFORUSTOO!!!!!!)

I’ve loved 30STM for years.  Except I really never knew how much until I saw them live in concert.   Now?  Now I’m obsessed.  I can’t get enough.  This is War, 30 Seconds to Mars, and A Beautiful Lie play on repeat all day on my iPod.  And chances are if you walk into my office you will undoubtedly interrupt a rather embarrassing attempt on my part to mimic Jared Leto (The man is frighteningly good.  His vocals?  Just plain sick.   My vocals?  Worse than a screech owl.   His voice?   Awesome.  My voice?  Not  awesome.)

Soooooooo because of a mild case of OCD, I determined I HAD to find out every possible piece of information on 30STM that I could.  Rightnowrightnowrightnowish.  And, ok, I’ll admit it, Jared’s baby blues and former teen heartthrob status had a teensy bit to do with that (Total lie.  It had everything to do with it.).  And you know what I found out, Internet? 

30 Seconds to Mars?


It’s true I had an inkling of the awesomeness, but I truly had no idea how AWESOME.  Insane talent aside, these boys are well spoken, cultured, and super fan-oriented (See myself, M1 or M6 for info on joining the Leelan Echelon).  I admit it.  I’m in love.  I heart this band fiercely.  Did I mention they’re huge environmentalists?  That’s like deep fried cake right there.  (Cake’s pretty awesome on its own, but even more awesome when fried…as are most things.  Side note—they have deep fried butter at the Big E this year.  True story.)  

I guess what I’m saying, Internet, is be prepared for love fests on this blog involving 30STM (Not to mention the cyberwhoring/stalking M1, M6 and I engaged in about a week ago via twitter.  Sorry boys.  We just sincerely heart you.).  Probably on a pretty regular basis.  It’s just my small part for promoting a totally worthy, insanely awesome band. 

And oh!  OH!  I would be remiss not to mention the hidden message “Find the Argus Apocraphex.”  The band includes this on their album sleeves.  Tons of theories prevail on this but my personal fave is the one that suggests find your own personal happiness.  Don’t you just love it??!!  Seriously.   Mega love fest. 

(FYI, if they wanted to offer me a job in any capacity, I’d do it.  No lie.  If they wanted me to hold Jared’s water bottle while he’s onstage, I’d do it.  Happily.  My nametag would proudly read, Ali (M5), water-bottle-holder-girl.  I take no shame in this.  Read above regarding the AWESOME.)

Have you gone to iTunes yet???

Viva l’Echelon!


2 Comments to “Love letter to 30 Seconds to Mars, M5-style”

  1. Well said my sistah!! I’ll leave the pretty words to you as you are immeasurably more eloquent than I. I will just say that I REALLY

    • Don’t you just????!!! I had to express it via the written word because me squealing everytime I hear “Hurricane” on my iTouch simply was just not cutting it. Plus I’m kind of hankering to be water-bottle-holder-girl.

      Fingers crossed!


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