Better than deep fried oreos

Suffering from a bit of writer’s block.

Which is a crapload of lies, because that’s not the case at all.  I know what I want to write about, but I’m currently embroiled in a tumultuous affair with Twitter and find I cannot write the damn story bonking around my noggin because I’m too damned concerned with what witty comment will be THE ONE that will garner a retweet from Jared Leto (Here’s his twitter. @JaredLeto.  Follow him.  Also follow Shannon (@ShannonLeto) and Tomo (@Tomofromearth) because we heart them as much as we heart Jar.  Yeah, we’re at the nickname stage of our relationship.  Please reference the whole “I am Awesome so naturally Jared Leto will want to be BFF’s with me” spiel in the post entitled “Jared Leto + Ali = BFF’s foreverish.”)

I’m going to break down the inside of my brain a little bit here so you can fully grasp this um, craze.  It’s like I’m twelve years old again and the newest issue of Teen Beat just hit the stands and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is on the cover and OHMYGODHE’SWEARINGOVERALLSWITHNOSHIRT!!!!!!!!! (Please don’t judge me.) So it’s kind of like that. 

Then M1 tells me, “Follow this kickin’ band from Washington:  Again and Again. They’re the shit.”  And you know what?  They ARE the shit.  I’m totally digging them (@AgainandagainWA.  They’re headed to New Hampshire on November 14th.  Come with us and see them.  Team Gritty, holla!).  To further complicate matters, M6 and I went to the Big E yesterday and one Mr. Danny Gokey reminded me of why I still feel he should have won American Idol Season 8 (And M6 and I got to meet him afterward!  He’s just lovely.  I feel I must apologize for the cyberstalking that immediately followed the concert.)

So here’s my dilemma.  I’ve previously mentioned my sincere love fest for the written word.  Well now, I’m really crushing on MUSIC.  So now it’s full out WAR in my brain.  I want to write, but what if Jar’s on twitter right now and I mention how he’s even more amazing than deep-fried oreos (He won this battle by a narrow margin.  I honestly don’t know how I lived before deep-fried oreos.) and he’s like, “No one has ever spoken such truth about me before, I simply MUST retweet such a witty, insightful comment.  This girl?  She’s AWESOME.” 

Internet, what if I missed that?!

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with what to write for a while now.  Today I thought I had it.  You know, the STORY.  So I came home, sat down at my computer, opened up Word, placed my hands on the keyboard and Alt+Tab’d my way right on over to Twitter.  Ok, I admit it.  My name’s Ali and I’m a Thirtysecondstomarsaholic.  And I don’t want treatment, thanksverymuch.  But I really DO want to write.  And I think my problem is all the stories I’m trying to write?  They all revolve around serious topics.  Which is fine and dandy and I thoroughly enjoy and have enjoyed a good number of novels on very serious subjects.  But let’s face it. 

It ain’t me. 

I want it to be and I’m fairly certain I’d be quite impressive at it.  But it’s a struggle and I find that I come to this here blog to unhinge the dam on the storytelling and I find I enjoy this type of writing more than any other.  Probably because it’s about me.  I’m quite positive everyone in the world should and wants to love me and it is a privilege beyond all privileges to be my BFF (Jared, you need not apply.  The job is hands down yours.).  And because I thoroughly and highly enjoy my own clever banter, I therefore assume everyone else does as well and would very much LOVE to read an entire novel of my thoughts and opinions (what’s the soundtrack you ask?  30 Seconds to Mars.  Duh.) about the world at large. 

(ed. Note:  I literally just had to turn off iTunes because I was too distracted singing along to Vox Populi to try and finish this unending babble.)

I guess what I’m saying is be prepared to see “Ali = Awesome” on your local bookshelves in the next twelve to twenty-four months. 

I’d totally read it.

Now, to tide you over until then, please go ahead and do the following:

1.       Spread the word on Thirty Seconds to Mars. 

In all honesty, they are AMAZING.  Pure and Simple.  I mean, I’d rather not share, only-child syndrome and whatnot, but I LOVE them and everyone and their mama should know who they are. 

But Jared’s mine.  Get your own BFF.

2.       Check out Again and Again.

Just jammin’ tunes.  Plus, they retweet their fans and that’s a really exciting experience, let me tell you.

 3.       Tell Danny Gokey (@DannyGokey) that he’s wonderful.

As often as possible.  Because he is and I don’t think he’s told that nearly enough. 


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