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October 1, 2010

Kidnappers be damned!

Today, Internet, I have thoughtfully provided instructions on how to escape an attempted kidnapping.  Should you ever find yourself stuffed into the trunk of a Ford Mustang on the Big Island of Hawaii, you merely need to follow the following steps (in handy list format, woo!):
Step 1.  Pull Yellow Tab in downward motion
Step 2.  Open Trunk.
Step 3.  Hop out and run away.
Sometimes, visuals are more helpful.  The makers of the Mustang, the car Giant Ford, have thoughtfully included pict-o-grams for just such an emergency:
Thwart attempted Kidnapping attempts with ease!

Thwart attempted Kidnapping attempts with ease!

Apparently, owners of Ford Mustangs are kidnapped with frightening regularity.  Enough so the old bust-out-the-taillight-and-wave-your-arm-wildly routine was just not good enough.  Thank you Ford, for providing an alternative.