This is who I really am….maybe….

I realized something today.

Now that I have spanky outrageous (but so totally awesome) hair and my mind is feeling pretty great, I’ve been feeling rather invincible.  Impervious to fear and doubt.  Bold, brash, daring. 

Turns out though?

I’m nothing more than a big fat liar. 

I suppose it started yesterday when I entered the My Darkest Days-Trapt-Skillet-Papa Roach concert at the Oakdale.  I entered the concert hall full of impudence due to pink-hair-awesomeness.  I rocked it to My Darkest Days (FYI, I kinda dig them, they’ve got a good vibe), tried to rock it to Trapt but something was horribly off with the sound (very disappointing, I’ve crushed on them for years.  I will offer them the chance to make it up to me however…) and then Skillet came on. 

And the moshing started. 

And I sincerely feared for my life.

And the moshing continued well into Papa Roach and no amount of smelling Jacobi’s sweat (True story.  M1 and I were close enough to the stage that I literally could smell every sweat droplet dripping from just about every damn inch of his body…) could deter from the fact that my life hung in a precarious balance between two MASSIVE gentlemen intent on murdering one another. 

And then today, the hubby (Mbrothafromanothermotha) informed me that he made an appointment for my birthday present.  Something that I asked for.  Something I’ve wanted for years.  And yet…


Ok, so that’s a tad on the dramatic side, but I was really freaking excited about my b-day present until I actually realized it was going to happen.  Now that I realize it’s actually going to happen, I have learned the harsh truth that sometimes…sometimes…your brain lies to you.  It fills your head with false notions of bravado and insists that you have, indeed, developed a kick-ass rock star swagger

Lies, Internet, nothing but lies.

Convincing ones too.  I was totally bamboozled. 

But maybe not.

Because I’ve thought about it some more and I think maybe there was some truth amidst the lies.  Maybe, just maybe, I don’t have the full-on swagger just yet.  Maybe I’m still in the crawling stage.  Because I’m actually pretty excited to face my fear and just do it this weekend (oo, foreshadowing…don’t be jealous of my skills….). 

Huh, look at that.  Turns out I have a kick-ass rock star crawl. 

You learn something new every day.


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