Dear Jared, Shannon, and Tomo, you kinda broke my heart…


I’m mad.  Which isn’t really an apt description, but it’s the best I’m coming up with right now. 

30STM postponed their November 5 Clifton Park show.  And now I’m mad.  Angry, disappointed, disheartened, saddened, frustrated, annoyed.  Take your pick, that’s what I’m feeling.

I’d like to take the high road and be the type of fan who’s mellow about it and says, it’s okay, they’ll make it up to me, I’m sure. 

I’m not that type of fan.

Instead I’m the lucky type of fan who’s a realist and recognizes that the MTV EMA’s are scheduled for November 7 in Madrid.  Coincidence?  Methinks not. 

And here’s my response:

Fella’s, I don’t care how many awards you win.  I don’t care how awesome your videos are.  I don’t care what Rolling Stone writes about you, or if VHI devotes the entire month of October to you.  I care about your music.  I didn’t develop a major music crush because you won Video of the Year at the VMA’s.  I won’t continue to listen to you because you may win an EMA, or a Grammy, or hell, the Noble Peace Prize.  I will continue to listen to you because of September 9 and September 9 only.  Because you came out and rocked the hell out of the Webster and that night?  That night I had the time of my life.  And I would have had the time of my life on November 5.  I would have cheered and shouted and danced and sang and jumped and gladly contracted the zombie plague again.  And I wouldn’t have stopped smiling for at least a week straight.  I would have told everyone and anyone how flipping AWESOME Thirty Seconds to Mars is.  Because of the music.  I would have done this whether I was in the front row or in the nosebleed section. 

November 5?  That night?  You would have lit up my world.  This one singular fan would have had the time of her life.  I don’t care if you win an EMA.  Seeing you in person, rocking together with you, that wins hands down, no contest, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Maybe other fans feel differently.  This fan, though?  She’d rather meet the band, rock out with them, tell them in person how truly AWESOME she thinks they are instead of clicking a friggin button on the computer so maybe someday that band gets an award.  Oh, hey, votes # 254, 857, 2548, and 6895, those votes are mine.  Or was it votes # 352, 526, 1245, and 12451?  No, definitely votes # 17, 652, 4127, and 7415. 

You’re right, electronic signals traveling through wires are EXACTLY the same as a real live and breathing fan telling you they adore you just because.  Yup, that’s definitely better than being told you’re awesome in person.  I can see why you’d want the award more…


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