Because I love deep fried oreos

I’d like to try an experiment of sorts.  Late last evening I wrote a post in response to an article written on Marie Claire’s website, please read it here: Outrage.  The whole thing has kind of stuck in my craw since I read that stupid article yesterday morning.  Yesterday, I formulated a response to it and posted that response, and yet I feel unsatisfied.  Do you know what bugs me the most? 

The publicity.

A lot of people had a tremendous response to the article (myself included) and rightfully so.  Unfortunately this also encouraged promotion of this article.  And that just doesn’t sit well with me.  I had reservations about posting my own response because I didn’t want to encourage anyone to read it.  I disagreed with it all and I don’t generally like to advocate that which I don’t believe in.  My response was meant to address my own astonishment that something so cruelly written would then be published and even worse, defended.  (No lie.  The editors still support this article.  Ummmm…  I hate that something so negative is now so publicized and I also hate the damage it may have inflicted upon anyone who read it. 

Let’s put an end to it. 

I’m tired of the negativity.  I’m tired of being told how I should look and act and what my opinion should be about things.  I’m tired of being told that who I am is not correct and if I’d only make these ten thousand changes, well then I’d be loved by all.  I don’t want to be loved by all anymore.  I want to be loved by one person and one person only.  I want universal acceptance from one singular soul.


In order to do that I need to stop being afraid of what others think of my actions, my thoughts, my appearance.  And I want the same for everyone else.  So that no matter how many insensitive articles are written, you and I can both say, it’s okay, because I love me and that’s what matters most. 

Will you help me?  Together let’s make this a viral sensation.  Let’s make this so widely publicized everyone forgets about a silly little article.  Please do me a favor and click the “Like” button at the bottom of this post.  Post on facebook why you should love you.  Tweet it.  Email it.  Tell your friends and family why you know you are AWESOME.  Hell, tell strangers.  Maybe if we all start loving ourselves, we’ll start loving one another instead of judging one another.  Please please please, help me do this.  If you’re afraid, ask me and I’ll help.  I’ll gladly post why you should love you.  I’ll post it on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll email it.  I’ll tell my friends and family.  And I’ll start it.

My name is Ali and I’m AWESOME because I have freckles and because I love to read.  Because I have this really skewed sense of equality.  Because I love vampires but I’m terrified of zombies.  Because some mornings I think I’m beautiful and some mornings I hate every piece of clothing I own.  Because I care about the environment.  Because I love Thirty Seconds to Mars enough to tell them they pissed me off.  Because my laugh sounds like a fire siren.  Because I love butterflies and orchids.  Because my greatest fear is being alone for eternity.  Because I know I’m right even when I know I’m wrong.  Because I have a big butt.  Because I love my family fiercely and will fight to the death for any one of them.  Because I have blue eyes.  Because when I think no one is around I talk to myself.  Because I love to write. 

So here’s my experiment:  Start off small.  Post as your Facebook/Twitter status one reason you love you.  Or just simply state My name is and I’m AWESOME (fabulous, spectacular, beautiful, unique, pretty, stunning, magnificent, brilliant, incredible, amazing, dazzling, breathtaking, marvelous, wonderful, extraordinary, fantastic, excellent, cute, lovely, outstanding, handsome, exquisite).  I’ll like your status. 

Also, please share my blog so that we can get others to help in the experiment.  Let’s make this viral.  Let’s make this global.  Let’s promote positivity.

My name is Ali and I am AMAZING.


3 Responses to “Because I love deep fried oreos”

  1. I’m Jenn and I’m awesome not because of eyes that can be green, gold, or brown. Not because I’m a size six. I have lumps and bumps, wrinkles, and imperfections. With time all looks fail…true some faster than others. I’m awesome because I love without reserve. I give with a generosity matched by few. I’m downright cool because I sing and dance in the aisle while I shop, just because its fun. I am delightful, witty, thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, and tenderhearted. I am strong like the willow and delicate like a violet. All these little things make up a portion of who and what I am. Spectacular.


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