This morning I read two separate blog posts by two authors I admire and whose opinions I respect even when they differ from my own.  Both blogs (Jen Lancaster and Jen Armintrout) discussed an article/blog post written by a freelance writer named Maura Kelly for the magazine called Marie Claire.  And both blogs expressed outrage over this blog post.  The title of Ms. Kelly’s article/blog post?

“Should Fatties Get a Room (Even on TV)?”


Normally, I’d provide a handy little link for you to mosey your way on over and peruse said article/blog post, but I’ll be damned if I help traffic on that site in any small way.  If you’d like to read it, by all means google it.  (For the record, I recommend you don’t read it.)

I read the article.  And then I reread the article.  And then a third time just to be sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.  Basically it discusses the new CBS sitcom Mike&Molly and whether or not America, as a general populace, is disgusted by the makeout sessions on the show because the actors are “Fatties”.  According to Ms. Kelly, yes, we are.  And our disgust shouldn’t end there.  Apparently the simple act of watching a “fattie” walk across a room is displeasing, just like a person stumbling is clearly an alcoholic and someone slumped in a chair clearly has a raging addiction to heroine.  The article then goes on to state that losing weight is very simple and that “fatties” just need to commit harder to it and success will be theirs!  She even includes some handy dandy tips.  And once they do, our national healthcare crisis should start to see a turn for the better because the majority of that issue?  Due to fatties. 


Words fail me.  At first, I kind of laughed, because clearly, this was a joke, right (even though I failed to see exactly where the joke lay)?  So I reread it a second time thinking I’d missed the punchline.  The third time around I just felt tired.  Is Marie Claire hurting for money?  Is this a satire gone horribly wrong?  So many questions.  So many emotions.

I don’t want to comment on the atrocities written by Ms. Kelly.  Plenty of people have done that.  I merely wonder why on earth Marie Claire and any of their editors would have read this article and ultimately decided to give the go for launch.  The mind boggles, it really really does.  The whole thing—the article and the green light on posting it under your umbrella (Marie Claire)—truly baffles me.  It’s almost as if they are advocating bullying because that’s the only purpose this article serves.  It’s baseless, tactless, rude, pandering, atrocious, cruel.  The list just goes on and on and on. 

Self-love is hard enough to attain as it is.  For a lot of people it goes hand-in-hand with outward image and for anyone to compound on that merely for the purpose of starting a discussion or to increase publicity?  Shame on you, Marie Claire.  Shame on you, Maura Kelly. 

I envy anyone who loves themselves exactly as they are.  Bravo to you.  A million trillion times.  You’re my HERO.  Learning to accept yourself and be happy and comfortable in your own skin?  Possibly one of the hardest things I’m learning to do.  And to anyone else who’s bumbling their way along, just like me, on that strange and terrifying journey to self-acceptance, I have this message for you:



5 Responses to “Outrage”

  1. well done and amen

    • Thank you! That stupid article bugged me all day long and I felt a more positive message should come from it. I still can’t believe the stupidity that allowed someone to give the okay for posting that article. Just yuck.


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