How to Achieve “Brain Vomit” (now with pictures!)

You know what this blog needs? 

(The correct answer is nothing because you possibly can’t get more awesome than this.)


Whoa, now.  Holy crap, is it possible?  Did she just become MORE awesome?  I didn’t even think that could happen!

Well, guess what suckers! 

It happened.

Strictly for your viewing pleasure, I have decided to add visual aids to some of my posts starting today  (Not all.  I like to keep you on your toes.  Will this post have a visual aid?  Maybe, maybe not.  The only way to know for sure is to tune in and find out.  (See what I did there??  Admit it, you’re impressed.)).  And now, without further ado, I present to you the exact process of how to achieve “Brain Vomit.”

How to Achieve “Brain Vomit” (now with pictures!)

Mbrotha tells me that I have this tendency to spew forth random thoughts without any preamble (not to be confused with “Here’s a thought, but then here’s another, and whoa, another, another, another, another…” as my dad likes to do.  But that’s another post entirely.).  Much like so:

Fail to make the connection between blueberry syrup and zombies?  So did Mbrotha:

Thankfully, I will now provide visual aids detailing the thought process of how we went from blueberry syrup to zombies. 

You see, whilst Mbrotha was describing the variety of syrups we own that I was here-to-for unaware of, my fancy little noggin was occupying itself with what topic to discuss in my next bloggity blog:

And that my friends is how a conversation, in ten seconds flat, starts off with blueberry syrup and ends with zombies.

And because I’m feeling particularly generous today, one more visual aid:

P.S. You’re welcome SyFy for the free advertising.


4 Comments to “How to Achieve “Brain Vomit” (now with pictures!)”

  1. oh dear god.. oh baby jesus you have gone and done it again.. i’m lost as well.. its like driving into hartford for the race.. hmmm hmm i’m lost find me goldi locks

  2. Umm Yea you are so totally related to me. My brain works like yours. Tell Mbrotha it was nice knowing him while it lasted. The blueberry syrup. Great but the Zombie movies. MDK!!! Loves. ya.

    • No, no, no. Not a zombie movie! A television show. Dedicated to ZOMBIES. It’s like someone tapped into my brain and said how can we fuck up Ali even more royally than she already is?? I’ve got it! A TV show about zombies! It was probably Tomo’s idea. You know, because he’s mad at me.

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