Energy: not just for sissies

Have you ever met one of those people who seem to have an endless supply of energy?  The type of person who lists the activities involved in a single day and YOU are exhausted just thinking about trying to accomplish even ten percent of that day?


By the time they’re done, your eyes are crossed and your shaking in your chair and muttering to yourself to make it stop, please God, make it stop!

So because you’re a masochist, you ask where on Earth (or Mars) they find the energy to be able to accomplish these incredible feats.

And by the end you’re totally confused because all this time you’ve been munching on the bones of baby dolphins and washing it down with the tears from prayers of the innocent and praying to Lord Voldemort for even one trillionth of that kind of energy while every night you dance with demons and hobgoblins and orcs (and the odd sharktopus).

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that on my mission for self-acceptance I’ve taken a good hard look at not only the inside but also the outside as well.  One of them is coming along nicely.  The other?  Not so much.  So I’ve decided that now is the time for me to become one of those really energetic people (that we all secretly really hate) and suck it up and get myself to the gym on a regular basis so I too can dance a lyrical dance with unicorns and gorilloceros’ and the odd zebragus and sleep on a bed made of clouds and rainbows.

Exercise, I will own you!  Prepare to be OWNED!

P.S.  Zebragus are a registered trademark of Anna over at Me Vs. The Normal PeopleShe’s superduper funny and I highly recommend you check out her blog.  Her cartoons are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than mine. 


One Comment to “Energy: not just for sissies”

  1. Stop by and pick me up…I need an exercise buddy

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