Mr. Gruffly gets grills

M1 begged me repeatedly for this but I was busy being awesome, so I was unable to bling out her Mr. Gruffly shirt for the Again&Again show she and I and M6 went to on Sunday in New Hampshire.  FYI, they were awesome.  M1 detailed all the awesomeness on her blog: Story.  M6 and I were definitely hearing banjo’s, but thankfully I was not murdered in the woods and forced to come back and inhale men like a zombie in order to stay pretty à la Jennifer’s Body.  Mbrotha’s pretty pleased about that one, let me tell you.)

Anyhoo, M1 had a pickle to pick with her newest BFF’s Dutch and Wes regarding the lack of women’s apparel choices in A&A’s merchandise and also decided that Mr. Gruffly needed a little something extra.  So, this cartoon is for her. 

You’re welcome, M1. 

Check out his grills!

Mr. Gruffly is hood certified.

Instead of a brat-o-meter, I nominate an awesome-o-meter.  And I’m pretty sure I just broke it due to excessive AWESOMENESS.  Soooooooooo….how do you like that apple pie with melted cheddar and a side of awesome??!!

(It occurs to me that perhaps some of you are perplexed by the previous statement.  Completely understandable.)

I daresay my cartoon skills are improving. 

P.S.  Mr. Gruffly is a terrible representation of A&A’s signature Mr. Grizzly.  This cartoon is strictly to pacify M1 because I did not bling out Mr. Grizzly on her shirt.  You get a drawing (which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself) until I can officially bling out Mr. Gruffly on your shirt. 


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