Boredom, Day Five: Woot, Woot!

Check it out!  It only took me like eleventy million tries, but at last, AT LAST!! success is mine!

Spider Solitaire should write odes to me! 

Also, after this post, I had several comments from those nearest and dearest stating that perhaps I should write a book. 

A)  I’m flattered. 

B)  Okay!  Let’s do this! 

So, I guess, be prepared for some mumbling and grumbling in the weeks ahead because I’m sure it’s not going to go smoothly.  Forewarned is prepared.  Or something. 

But FYI, if someone says they’d like to pay me money to interview Jared Leto and find out his take on s’mores (world’s greatest food pairing OR highly overrated/room for improvement) I’m one hundred eleventy percent on board with that idea. 

P.S.  The correct answer is world’s greatest food pairing. 


4 Comments to “Boredom, Day Five: Woot, Woot!”

  1. So ummmm, what happened to day four??

  2. I just “met” you, but I feel all proud of you. I mean, you WON. That’s kind of awesome and someone should say “i’m proud of you.”


    I’m proud of you.

    • Thank you!! I was hoping somewhere, someone was proud. I told my husband and he was all, “Get a life, some of us do actual work for a living.” But that was freaking hard! I think he was probably just jealous of my awesome Spider Solitaire skills.

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