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November 7, 2010

How to Achieve “Brain Vomit” (now with pictures!)

You know what this blog needs? 

(The correct answer is nothing because you possibly can’t get more awesome than this.)


Whoa, now.  Holy crap, is it possible?  Did she just become MORE awesome?  I didn’t even think that could happen!

Well, guess what suckers! 

It happened.

Strictly for your viewing pleasure, I have decided to add visual aids to some of my posts starting today  (Not all.  I like to keep you on your toes.  Will this post have a visual aid?  Maybe, maybe not.  The only way to know for sure is to tune in and find out.  (See what I did there??  Admit it, you’re impressed.)).  And now, without further ado, I present to you the exact process of how to achieve “Brain Vomit.”

How to Achieve “Brain Vomit” (now with pictures!)

Mbrotha tells me that I have this tendency to spew forth random thoughts without any preamble (not to be confused with “Here’s a thought, but then here’s another, and whoa, another, another, another, another…” as my dad likes to do.  But that’s another post entirely.).  Much like so:

Fail to make the connection between blueberry syrup and zombies?  So did Mbrotha:

Thankfully, I will now provide visual aids detailing the thought process of how we went from blueberry syrup to zombies. 

You see, whilst Mbrotha was describing the variety of syrups we own that I was here-to-for unaware of, my fancy little noggin was occupying itself with what topic to discuss in my next bloggity blog:

And that my friends is how a conversation, in ten seconds flat, starts off with blueberry syrup and ends with zombies.

And because I’m feeling particularly generous today, one more visual aid:

P.S. You’re welcome SyFy for the free advertising.

November 6, 2010

We’re gonna fuel this fire, gonna stoke it up

Fire: (courtesy of Merriam-Webster online


b (1) : burning passion : ardor (2) : liveliness of imagination : inspiration


b (1) : to give life or spirit to : inspire <the description fired his imagination> (2) : to fill with passion or enthusiasm —often used with up

“There is a fire inside and it started a riot about to explode into flames”

“Hurricane” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

 A while back, I didn’t really like the state of my soul.  To say it looked bleak is an understatement.  Basically I was having a devil of a time trying to find sources of happiness internally.  I definitely had plenty of external resources, but whether or not I made myself happy?  Giant NO.  Luckily, I could pinpoint and attribute my dissatisfaction to one major culprit and I worked hard to rid myself of that particular negativity (currently living OHS free five months and counting) (OHS-not a drug or a disease.  Well, maybe a disease…).  

Ridding myself of that particular wretchedness allowed me the opportunity to tune in and figure out what makes me tick.  Consumed as I was by the horrendousness, I hadn’t, for years, listened to what I had to say.  And prior to that, I was too young to understand.  Lately though, I’ve had this burning desire to explore what’s inside my heart, find out what makes me happiest. 

And I figure other people have this desire as well.  Which is why I created a website.  Ta-da!  Announcing the launch of Inner Fire!  It’s my way of trying to promote positivity globally.  Promote finding your own inner fire.  I’m having the time of my life finding my own. 

I’d love love LOVE feedback on this.  I know what I like, but this website isn’t about me (ok, it’s a little bit about me…what can I say? This much AWESOMENESS is hard to contain.).  I want to hear everyone’s ideas, thoughts, opinions.  Lay ‘em on me.  What makes you tick?  What’s your passion?  I want to know.  And I want to feature it. 

Get ready, I’m about to set the world ABLAZE.

October 31, 2010

The only time traffic is bueno

Last night at a Halloween party, I had a quick discussion with Mbrotha’s friend Jay about the various rock concerts we’ve attended and which bands rocked and which ones didn’t.  Naturally, I mentioned that 30STM is the cat’s pajamas when it comes to rock concerts (but not on Friday, November 5th.  Sigh…) to which Jay replied, “I know, I’ve read your blog.”


I know people read my blog as WordPress provides me with handy little stats regarding the traffic to my blog and from which sites said traffic originates.  It displays lovely little graphs with information as to how many visitors I have and which posts they’re reading.  (So far, Dear Jared, Shannon and Tomo, you kinda broke my heart is winning in the race for top-viewed post.  And naturally, that’s the one they read…).   But it doesn’t tell me who’s reading my blog, only the site they used to get there.  So it’s pretty flipping AWESOME to hear it in person.  Thanks, Jay!

Yesterday I wrote a post that differed from my usual posts, because it involved a topic that hits pretty close to home.  Lately I’ve involved myself in a mission for self-acceptance.  The other day I read an article that really bothered me (see my post entitled Outrage) and this started me thinking that I can’t remember the last time I heard of a global positivity movement and it made me want to start one.  Now I’m a little obsessed.  Today I researched ways to increase traffic to my blog so that way I can spread the word and maybe I can really get this thing going.  Consequently, the following will make little sense to anyone but me:


Much of the promotion of my blog required me to figure out exactly what this blog is about.  I reviewed my previous posts because, initially, I’d hoped to simply use it as a platform for purging my brain of extraneous thoughts so I had a clean slate for writing.  And naturally, it has evolved into more than that for me.  A lot of my posts discuss my quest for self-acceptance and answers to that pesky little question of what to do with my life so I figured this was probably the most accurate description. 

(You’d also not be surprised to learn that I promote the hell out of Thirty Seconds to Mars in many of my posts (shocking, I know…).  I heart them (you don’t say…).  And I figure this is the best platform for me to pester my friends and family into hearting them as well.  Of course, if you’re looking for them to notice you so that someday you’ll be BFF’s with either Jared, Shannon, or Tomo, I don’t recommend writing a post detailing exactly the how’s and why’s of why you may be pissed at them for cancelling a show.  Turns out?  They notice that kind of thing and trust me when I say that being noticed for excessive awesomeness is definitely preferable vs. being noticed because of bad press.  I imagine a retweet on Twitter by any one of the guys is ten different shades of awesome.  Having them tweet directly to you and tell you YOU broke THEIR hearts? 

Bittersweet.  So very bittersweet…)

So far my experiment is a success.  Thank you, Jenn, for posting your comment in response to Because I love deep fried oreos.  I hope others will feel comfortable in following in your footsteps.  I would LOVE to open up my Facebook page one morning and see my timeline filled with statuses from everyone I know and love stating why they love them.  And if I can encourage someone I don’t know?  Even better.  If everyone everywhere took one day to state one reason why they are amazing? 

That day would be the most AWESOME day in the history of days.  It really really would. 

October 30, 2010

Because I love deep fried oreos

I’d like to try an experiment of sorts.  Late last evening I wrote a post in response to an article written on Marie Claire’s website, please read it here: Outrage.  The whole thing has kind of stuck in my craw since I read that stupid article yesterday morning.  Yesterday, I formulated a response to it and posted that response, and yet I feel unsatisfied.  Do you know what bugs me the most? 

The publicity.

A lot of people had a tremendous response to the article (myself included) and rightfully so.  Unfortunately this also encouraged promotion of this article.  And that just doesn’t sit well with me.  I had reservations about posting my own response because I didn’t want to encourage anyone to read it.  I disagreed with it all and I don’t generally like to advocate that which I don’t believe in.  My response was meant to address my own astonishment that something so cruelly written would then be published and even worse, defended.  (No lie.  The editors still support this article.  Ummmm…  I hate that something so negative is now so publicized and I also hate the damage it may have inflicted upon anyone who read it. 

Let’s put an end to it. 

I’m tired of the negativity.  I’m tired of being told how I should look and act and what my opinion should be about things.  I’m tired of being told that who I am is not correct and if I’d only make these ten thousand changes, well then I’d be loved by all.  I don’t want to be loved by all anymore.  I want to be loved by one person and one person only.  I want universal acceptance from one singular soul.


In order to do that I need to stop being afraid of what others think of my actions, my thoughts, my appearance.  And I want the same for everyone else.  So that no matter how many insensitive articles are written, you and I can both say, it’s okay, because I love me and that’s what matters most. 

Will you help me?  Together let’s make this a viral sensation.  Let’s make this so widely publicized everyone forgets about a silly little article.  Please do me a favor and click the “Like” button at the bottom of this post.  Post on facebook why you should love you.  Tweet it.  Email it.  Tell your friends and family why you know you are AWESOME.  Hell, tell strangers.  Maybe if we all start loving ourselves, we’ll start loving one another instead of judging one another.  Please please please, help me do this.  If you’re afraid, ask me and I’ll help.  I’ll gladly post why you should love you.  I’ll post it on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll email it.  I’ll tell my friends and family.  And I’ll start it.

My name is Ali and I’m AWESOME because I have freckles and because I love to read.  Because I have this really skewed sense of equality.  Because I love vampires but I’m terrified of zombies.  Because some mornings I think I’m beautiful and some mornings I hate every piece of clothing I own.  Because I care about the environment.  Because I love Thirty Seconds to Mars enough to tell them they pissed me off.  Because my laugh sounds like a fire siren.  Because I love butterflies and orchids.  Because my greatest fear is being alone for eternity.  Because I know I’m right even when I know I’m wrong.  Because I have a big butt.  Because I love my family fiercely and will fight to the death for any one of them.  Because I have blue eyes.  Because when I think no one is around I talk to myself.  Because I love to write. 

So here’s my experiment:  Start off small.  Post as your Facebook/Twitter status one reason you love you.  Or just simply state My name is and I’m AWESOME (fabulous, spectacular, beautiful, unique, pretty, stunning, magnificent, brilliant, incredible, amazing, dazzling, breathtaking, marvelous, wonderful, extraordinary, fantastic, excellent, cute, lovely, outstanding, handsome, exquisite).  I’ll like your status. 

Also, please share my blog so that we can get others to help in the experiment.  Let’s make this viral.  Let’s make this global.  Let’s promote positivity.

My name is Ali and I am AMAZING.

October 29, 2010

An Apology

Woke up this morning to find this in my Twitter timeline:



Ah, hell.  And, ouch.

Yeah, I totally deserved that. 

Frustrated, disappointed, and heartbroken, I wrote a post about my dissatisfaction that something I’d been so excited for was now not going to happen and would not happen for the foreseeable future.  And I believed the fourteen people who read my silly little blog would politely tell me to shut up and get over it. 

Pissing off the band I adore above all others?

Definitely NOT my intent. 

Tomo, Shannon and Jared—I’m sorry.  Small words, but I mean them.  I adore you and the point I was trying to make yesterday was severely lost amidst the frustration and disappointment running rampant in that post.  Pissing you off was certainly not what I wanted to do and the rebuke was definitely merited.  My point was simply that I adore you and think you’re awesome, no matter what.  So my apologies, guys, for not making that  more evident.