Zombies and S’mores

Zombies = scary.   S’mores = delicious.  Zombies do not equal delicious.  In fact, I’m pretty sure zombies and s’mores have no business being lumped together in any fashion so the previous segue was non-existent at best.  It’s not like you’re about to roast a zombie over an open fire until the outside is all nice and toasty and golden-brown and the inside is all ooey-gooey yumminess that you lovingly place betwixt two pieces of graham cracker and top with a slab of chocolate.  That’s a former person, you weirdo!  They’re not called Z’MORES for crying out loud! 

Former people = not delicious.  S’mores still equal delicious. 

Well, great now I want a smore.


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